How It All Began

In the beginning of writing, there were ideas, words, and no set rules. Storytelling took many forms–oral, poetry, plays, and finally novels. Each step grew upon the former, and so the art of writing developed.

Then it stopped.

There is no new idea. There is no such thing as an original idea.” This concept crept into our minds and limited us. Believing we could no longer make up anything in the ‘make-believe’ world, we did the only thing we could do: look back at what there was and mix and blend everything until we had something magical.

At first this was unique. Then it was acceptable. Now it is the standard by which all the Gatekeepers of the Writing World measure each new work. They kept out the different writing–good or bad. They had their own agenda: the market.

When self-publishing emerged, a new path into the Writing World was created. Only then was the Gatekeepers’ greatest fear–the original reason for their existence–realized. Without them, the world of writing would spiral downward into oblivion until writing becomes nothing more than a disdained relic of the past.

They were right.

And they are now wrong.

They were right in the regards that the Writing World needs protection from careless, nondedicated, and one-shot writers.

They are wrong to think they themselves are the keepers of the gate in possession of the key that will unlock people’s potential. This mindset led to the Traditional way of writing, which now makes up 99.7% of all published work.

The Writing World has changed. The Traditional way has not; the more they resist change, the more abrupt the change will be. For instance, if you’re in a car accident, and you brace yourself for impact, you will most likely suffer broken bones; however, if you relax and don’t tense up, your bones won’t break so easily–this is why drunks can walk away from a terrible accident with minor injuries. I do mean to say we all need to become drunk writers? Absolutely not. But if you don’t bend, you’ll break, and you won’t be able to be pieced back together.

All is not lost. This downward spiral can be stopped. Instead of looking down in despair at the direction we seem to be taking, we need to look up and see the other path: Cinemagraphic writing.

Is the Traditional way of writing wrong? No–of course not, but now writers have another option: Cinemagraphic writing.

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